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The NWT Literacy Council invites you to take your learning and literacy outside this week. Think about the things that you enjoy learning about on the land, and the lessons that the land has taught you.

NWT-wide events

Photo contest:

Show off your community and the beautiful land around it!

Check out NWT Literacy Council’s Facebook page throughout NWT Literacy Week to enter this contest.

Read for 15:

Join us in reading for 15 minutes on Wednesday, April 14. Visit our Facebook page or email nwtliteracy@nwtliteracy.ca to let us know you read and to enter a draw.

Watch NWT Literacy Council’s Facebook page for community events to be shared.

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Supporting Yellowknife businesses and the NWT Literacy Council

Thanks to Signed., ArTech Engrave, Barren Ground Coffee, The Yellowknife Book Cellar and Prosperous Lake Soap Co., we have surprise bags full of local goodies for sale! All items or services were provided at a discount or wholesale rate. NWTLC is selling at just above the combined retail value to raise funds for the Bison Bus Mobile Family Literacy Centre.

An annual training for Recreation Coordinators, Adult Educators, Teachers or Educational Assistants, Community Health Representatives (CHRs), Youth Centre program staff, Wellness Coordinators, Librarians, or anyone interested in youth literacy and essential skills!

Dates: November 30, December 1, 7, & 8 from 10:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m * New dates

Information Package

Registration is limited – apply by November 26, 2020!

Cost to register – free!

Register here.

November 4, 2020-January 27, 2021 

Information Package below:

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Trick or Treat at the NWT Literacy Council office - October 30.

Details below:

Resources for at-home learning during COVID-19 Pandemic 


Join us each Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm at Javaroma in Yellowknife.

Our AGM is Saturday, October 19, 2019. Everyone welcome.

Apply for NWT Literacy Week event grant 

You can apply for a grant to hold a Celebrate Indigenous Languages event during NWT Literacy Week 2019.
Fill in our Application Form or contact us at nwtliteracy@nwtliteracy.ca.

Here is Application Form link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfYAOnOq9xRlqU4vdA8dJDwqhK6hG-u-PF28wGvfGIfXXh2TQ/viewform

Watch Facebook for our NWT Literacy Week Challenge 

Enter for your chance to win a prize pack